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Jared Bothwell

Managing Director

Simon Wright

Consultation Director

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Steven Peter

Research Manager


Since our beginning in 2006, PublicVoice has worked with local and central government agencies and industry bodies to develop more effective research and engagement strategies.

We believe that the strength of our public institutions lies in their ability to effectively engage with the public and their key stakeholders.

Based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand – we provide research and consultation solutions best suited for the unique world of government.


We’ve developed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s best engagement software developers. This means we can develop and implement a solution which best suits your organisation’s requirements.

Our solutions are purpose-built for government and can meet all the security checks you can throw at us. Hosting is generally within New Zealand to ensure that all data held falls under New Zealand sovereign laws.


We partner with the best so we can bring you the best. Our access to international partners means we can deliver solutions used by some of the world’s largest and most powerful governmental organisations in the world. This includes the White House, Department of Homeland Security, HM Treasury and Government of South Australia.

We bring this wealth of global knowledge to New Zealand government and institutions to help ensure success for your next engagement or consultation project.